Lionheart Productions is an independent production company, which focuses on producing director-driven and creative documentary films for an international audience.

A LIONHEART is an English word for ‘a very brave person’. Many documentary films are driven by those ‘Lionhearts’ in one way or another. They form a rich source of inspiration. All kinds of people can do big and small courageous things all the time, and moreover – as for life in general – courage is an essential ingredient for inspirational filmmaking.


Wouter Sap is managing director and one of the founders of Lionheart. He earned his credits producing the documentary ‘Can a Man Change The City’ (Canvas, 2010, directed by Manu Riche & Sien Versteyhe), a Sancta Media production (financial production section among others) and as a producer of the documentary JUNIOR (2012), a Lionheart production. Both documentaries were broadcasted by CANVAS and were made with the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund.

Together with RITS, Wouter produced the documentaryFemme de la rue (Canvas, 2012) that got worldwide attention, and has made the seriesNooit meer dezelfde (Canvas, 2013) consisting of 8 episodes in coproduction with CANVAS, supported by the Media Fund.

He also provides expert advice to other production companies and is a member of Flanders Doc, the network of documentary filmmakers and documentary producers in Flanders, Belgium.